What if I Get into a detox?

After the holidays, when the season changes, the digestive system tires! So in order to put your body on a good track, to start on better bases, put yourself in a detox cure! The principle of a detox cure is not to lose weight in the first place, but rather to purify your body by offering a break. Slimming (yes, all the same), form, purification, and especially health, the interests are numerous. Get some explanations and advices to carry out its cure detox!

What is the detox cure?

Like the engine of a car, the body becomes dirty. It accumulates waste, toxins , which, in the long run, disrupt its functioning and generate fatigue, a liver loaded, gutted intestines, a dull complexion, weakened hair and nails, irritability, depression , Less resistance to infections …

These toxins have two origins: internal, the organism itself making waste; Environmental problems (poor nutrition , pollution, tobacco, alcohol, medicines, additives, etc.).
In principle, the body evacuates this waste. But it may happen that their accumulation is too large and that it can not deal with it.
The detox cures are intended to purify it to infuse it with a new energy.
There are several, variable in duration (24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, sometimes 1 month – but under surveillance) and their composition depending on whether the detox cure is fruit-based, vegetarian, Broths of vegetables …

Why can a detox cure do good?

In the modern world, we are all concerned with the accumulation of toxins. Whether as a result of food overload (eg, holiday celebrations), excessive stress or work (exam time), illness, or simply because of (Poor physical activity, tobacco, abuse of prepared meals, exposure to pollution …), a cure is welcome.

Symptoms that may warrant a detox cure

A detox cure is required when one or more of these symptoms occur: sugar and fat abuse, chronic fatigue and difficult sleep, dull skin, intestinal disorders, dark circles, nausea and digestive problems, muscle and joint pain, hair Dull or fatty, migraines, water retention, anxiety, depression, acute stress …

Why are some against it?

The idea that these cures would free  the organs of the amount of pollutants and pesticides we face may seem simplistic. It takes more than 2 days of broth to rid the body of these toxins!
The best way not to accumulate the waste is to expose it to a minimum.
On the other hand, to calm the digestive system, the detox cure is not often questioned. It is then a question of paying attention to the means employed; the brands having found in detox cures, a chicken with golden eggs to sell us everything and anything under the label “detox”!

As for total fasting, it is, according to some doctors, nonsense. Not only would it weaken the organism by depriving it of the nutrients needed for its functioning, but it would also produce the opposite of the desired effect by promoting the production of toxins.
The debate is raging, while Chinese and Indian medicines, for example, Have been using it for hundreds of years.
Medical research has not completely ruled out its benefits, but fasting should not be a mere fad.

Detox, directions for use

You have chosen to do a detox cure. Do not do anything and follow our advice.

– Choose your time: In early spring, summer or fall, our needs are greater than in winter, and we are turning to lighter foods. These are good times to carry out a detox cure without too much difficulty.
In winter, you can follow a short detox (one day, one weekend, three days).
In any case, you may be tired of changes, or even suffer from some temporary disturbances (headaches, dizziness …): the best is to program your cure on a rest time.

– Remove certain substances: refined sugars, saturated fats (red meat, cheese, charcuterie …), tobacco, alcohol, coffee, animal products, prepared meals and industrial products. Some even suppress gluten and milk from their diets during their cure.

– Take advantage of the natural : Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day, organic food, aromatic herbs, fruit at times and not too sweet, and especially vegetables, herbal teas pay Attention to the dose of caffeine and theine it contains).
The broths also constitute an excellent supply of mineral salts during a detox cure.

– To revise your hygiene of life : To drain, favor that which generates a sweating: sauna and hammam, physical exercise, sudorific tisanes (elderflower flowers, sarsaparilla, pulmonary officinal …).
To allow your body to eliminate, give it rest.
Think of a lymphatic drainage : this massage improves the circulation of the lymph, which collects the cellular waste and evacuates them, via the blood system.

– Put on plants : In capsules or infusions: orthosiphon, piloselle and cherry tails are diuretics, charcoal attracts toxins from the digestive tract and evacuates them through the intestinal tract, peppermint and boldo facilitate the work of the liver, the mauve and the bourdaine stimulate the transit.

To get started, start with two days of light diet, and in the next trimester, treat yourself to a single-dose detox treatment for a whole weekend or even three days.
When you have perceived the benefits, maybe try a cure of broths or vegetable juice exclusively (attention, cures composed exclusively of fruit juices bring far too many carbohydrates, with a high glycemic index , which is Bad for the body).
Good cure!