Tips to protect your skin from daily aggressions

Pollution, sun, cold, dust, heat, wind … the skin is daily attacked by various environmental factors. We give you all our tricks to protect it.

Clean your skin morning and evening

Whether in the morning or in the evening, cleaning the skin is essential to rid it of the impurities and sebumaccumulated during the day but also to perfect its make-up removal. Be careful, no question of stripping it: the more sebum is removed vigorously, the more the skin makes it to protect itself. Not great for oily skin! A mild cleanser is therefore chosen which respects the hydrolipidic film of the skin. Purified, the skin breathes. Need to clear the traces of fatigue? Opt for a toning lotion to apply before make-up to boost the radiance of the skin.

Moisturize your face every day

Whether you have oily or dry skin , the best way to protect your skin from external aggressions is to moisturize it . Morning and evening , take the time to nourish your skin with a cream adapted to its nature to maintain its hydrolipidic film, which allows among other things to protect it from pollution or limestone water. But that’s not all ! Moisturizing your skin also means preventing premature aging. For this, we turn to a solution which deeply moisturizes the most dehydrated skin. For an even softer and protected skin, complete and boost the benefits of your treatment with a serum.

Investing in an anti-pollution care

Pollution is the primary cause of aging skin . Harmful, polluting microparticles cause dull complexion and can sometimes cause deep inflammation. In addition to cleansing morning and evening its skin, it is thought to arm itself against pollution by investing in an anti-pollution care. This will act as a true shield by forming a protective film impervious to toxins and free radicals.

Protect your skin from the sun

The enemy n ° 2 of the skin? The sun. Indeed, exposure to UV can lead to oxidative stress and thus accelerate skin aging . The best solution is therefore to protect the skin from sunlight with a day care containing a minimum SPF 30 . If you prefer, there are now solar mists that vaporize directly over the makeup.