Slimming Clothes: Do They Really Work?

“Slimming sheaths” of our grandmothers are gone, now the technology and the textile industry offer a type of slimming garment that camouflages perfectly under an outfit. Are they slimming, really? We tell you everything…

Of course, these clothes are not miracle products; they will not make you lose 3 pounds in a week (and then what else!). For that, nothing is worth indeed a balanced diet and regular physical activity. But nevertheless, these slimming clothes can act on the cellulite and the fat under the skin  , activating the blood circulation, thanks to formulations more and more innovating .To find out what it really is, we asked Dr. Nina Roos, a dermatologist.

The slimming sheath, how does it work?

The effectiveness of these slimming clothes is due to the presence of different compounds, imprisoned in “microcapsules” encrusted in the tissue. The most commonly used compounds are:

Green tea: which has draining and antioxidant properties.
> The red vine: also used to treat venous insufficiency, circulation problems varicose veins … it acts as a venous tonic.
> Clay: used with other compounds, it is formulated in the form of bioceramic powder that activates blood circulation and drains disengages the tissues.
> Rhodystérol: A red algae that decreases water retention.
> The centella asiatica: nicknamed “tiger grass” in Asia because injured tigers roll in to heal their wounds, this plant has antioxidant virtues and would reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

> Shea butter will be used to soften and nourish the skin. 

Apart from these cosmetic formulations, the slimming clothes allow a regular friction of the fabric on the skin, thus proceeding to a massage which activates the cutaneous microcirculation. As we know: nothing better to eliminate cellulite than a massage to “break” the greasy clumps. Do not worry, the fabric is ventilated and avoids sweating: what is nice.

What results with slimming clothes?

If they do not really lose weight, these garments nevertheless have the advantage of ensuring a sheathing effect that refines the silhouette. So, you can use them to avoid unsightly bumps under a stretch fabric. According to the brands, each goes there from his small promise: “1 size less”, “-1.8 cm hip circumference”, -3 , 2 cm waist circumference, decreased orange peel appearance, decreased cellulite , skin tightening, etc. Do not forget to take your measurements before using for the first time if you Want to observe possible results …

How long should they be worn? 
For visible results quickly, wear your slimming garment every day for a week or even 1 month. Read the instructions that came with your garment carefully to learn more.

Can they be washed? 
Yes. They are generally guaranteed to be effective during several washes, but you may lose elasticity, and their sheathing power may be lessened. To wash these ” clothes”, it is advisable to carry out a handwashing, with very little laundry, and not to pass it to the dryer.

Is it expensive? 

For a slimming leggings, count about 50 to 60 €, and for a shorty or a tank top, 20 to 30 €. And their gaining power may be lessened.

Interview with a dermatologist on slimming sheaths

To know more about the effectiveness of slimming clothes, we asked 3 questions to Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist.
Do you think these slimming clothes actually bring results? 
They may have a somewhat draining effect on a predominantly hydrated cellulite type, but with no residual effect over time.

Can we wear them at night? 
I guess so, but I do not think it’s very comfortable due to the feeling of heating.

In addition to these accessories, how can we act on cellulite on a daily basis? 
Have a healthy lifestyle with a regular sport, a stable weight, take care of any eventual associated venous insufficiency, have a properly dosed hormonal contraception.
It is also possible to act according to the type of cellulite that is presented: – Water form: caffeine creams, draining massages , venous restraints.
– Fibrous form: possibly techniques of the palpated-rolled type to break a little the fibrous partitions.
But one has to be realistic, there is no really treatment for this physiological form of fat storage in women. Lipoaspirations or laser lipolysis are surgical gestures that can help but do not always make the appearance of pimples disappear. Possibly techniques of the palpated-roll type to break the fibrous partitions a little.