Should I lunch early to lose weight?

According to a US-Spanish study, the time we eat our meals would have some influence on weight loss when you are on a diet. So those who eat early would lose more weight than those who lunch late. But why?

At the Spanish hour

If you are still in full throttle to lose those little pounds you think are superfluous, here is a study that might interest you.
Published in the International Journal of Obesity , the study explains that there is a relationship between eating and losing weight . Researchers from the University of Boston and the University of Murcia have studied 420 overweight Spanish people separated into two groups: those who ate early (between 12h and 15h) and those who ate late (after 15h at The Spanish time what).
The researchers focused their study on this meal, because it is the most important for the Mediterranean who consume 40% of their 1400 calories daily during lunch.

Result of the study

After 20 weeks of follow-up of this slimming program , researchers realized that those who had the earlier lunch had lost more weight than the other group (10 kilos on average compared to 7.7 for late eaters).
They also noted that those who were lunching late had a tendency to eat less at breakfast or even skip that meal (which was not recommended during the diet phase) and that they also had a lower sensitivity to insulin, which is a factor in Risk for diabetes .

Glucose, also glucose …

However, the authors of the study were unable to explain precisely why early people had lost more weight than late eaters. They think this could be related to glucose that would be assimilated differently depending on the time of day.
Their other hypothesis would be that the meal time would have an impact on the internal biological clock (circadian system). The researchers also pointed out that the results of this study would be difficult to apply to all countries, explaining that in the United States it was not lunch but dinner the most important meal.