Objective: Flat belly!

We all dream about a flat belly … And it is possible! By following a few simple bodybuilding exercises and applying a suitable cream daily, the results can be seen in a few weeks. Follow our guide to succeed your goal firmness easily!

Getting a flat belly is an achievable goal if you really have the means. The winning formula? Simple and targeted bodybuilding exercises combined with the application of a cream, and the trick is played! Ready? Let’s go!

The belly exercises

Breathing through the belly

This first exercise will not make you sweat: it consists of breathing in a very particular way, by “sucking” your stomach. By inspiring , completely release your stomach. When exhaling , push it as far as possible. Imagine that you want your navel to stick to your spine . Hold for a few seconds. You will then feel that your deep muscles are actively working. Try to reproduce this abdominal breath for 10 minutes, if possible once a day.

Reverse Crunches

The best known exercise to solicit the abdominal remains the famous “crunch”. Lying on the ground, hands behind head and legs folded, you stand up towards your knees and slowly descend towards the ground. But be careful: this exercise can be aggressive for your organs and your perineum , which are then pushed down. Prefer the “reverse crunch”. Lying on your back, you can stand at the foot of a table for example. Your legs are bent at 90 ° (as if you were on a chair), and peeled off the floor. Bring your legs back as far as possible towards your belly, exhaling. Gently return them to the starting position, without putting them on the ground, always at 90 °, and inhale. Do not lower them down, because this could cause too much pressure on your hips. Always think to breathe well and return the belly. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions, then you can increase repetitions over time. Take between 30 seconds and 1 minute of pause between each set.

Perform these small exercises at least twice a week to hope getting results. After having worked your muscles, you will be able to pass to the most pleasant part … The application of the cream!

-Use cream … and massages!

Certainly, bodybuilding exercises are essential to get a flat belly. But the second step is equally primordial (and very pleasant): it is obviously the application of firming cream. The Moisturizing Body Lotion Firming of Mixa provides just the right amount of hydration and firmness through the glycerine and vegetable proteins.

The best time to apply this cream is just after the shower. Your pores are open and the skin is more permeable, perfect for the assets to penetrate more effectively. Do not hesitate to carry out a real massage on your belly during the application: this will accentuate the effectiveness of the product, and it is also very good for digestion!

To massage your stomach , it is simple: always make circular movements, with the flat of the hand preferably, and in a clockwise direction .