Lose weight with sports, pay attention to false ideas!

Often, too often, it is believed that the mere fact of being physically active is enough to lead us straight on the path of thinness. Sport helps to tone our body, but also drive a whole bunch of false ideas to promote weight loss! Coaches help us to break the traps

The more I sweat, the more I eliminate

Stop the idea that if you run in K-Way or wearing more clothes, you slim under the pretext that you sweat more!

Olivier Gaillard, coach at Urban Running , the club that coaches your races, explains that the practice of a sport by being over-covered certainly brings about a mechanism of sweating. A normal reaction of the body that seeks to thermoregulate. But…

“Mesuring the results of the exercice, the runner proudly finds that he lost 2 kg on the scales, but it is a lure, 99% of the lost mass is actually constituted only of Water, and this water will be re-assimilated by hydration, essential to the proper functioning of the organism, within the hours following the exercise.»

It is from 45 min of cardio that loses fat, otherwise it serves no purpose!

That’s the false idea there! In reality, it is a question of looking at things a little more subtly.
Jean-Christophe Blin, coaching manager at “L’Usine “, explains that depending on the effort provided, a certain percentage of lipids (fat) or carbohydrates (sugars) is mobilized . However, one must consider different intensity in cardio work.
If the effort is intensive, the body will instead mobilize carbohydrates, but will continue to “consume” lipids even after stopping, while a low-intensity effort (endurance race, Zumba dance )will get in fats  but only while the activity .The best then will be some of the two( running , cycling, body pump, biking or biking lessons)

Weight training is for men!

For Fitnext, an online form of coaching method , the idea that bodybuilding has unsightly effects for women is false!
Fitnext coaches say: ” Women are” immune “to too much muscle mass, hormones that produce 10 times less anabolic hormones: testosterone and growth hormone (responsible for taking Muscles and fat burning.) This not only explains why women take less muscle, but also why they lose weight less easily, so it is easy to believe that bodybuilding is THE solution for women. Cardio activity will prove unnecessary without muscles  work. In addition, bodybuilding is the only anti-cellulite solution (thanks to the secretion of noradrenaline, the hormone able to bind to the receptors of cellulite-forming cells). ”

Sports can help you eat what you want without getting fat

Let’s be serious! When you exercise, you increase your energy expenditure. But in order to not gain weight , and  slim down with the sport, it is not just a lot to “burn”, it is necessary above all to eat less than what we burn.
Thus, reduce its food intake before anything else. Then you will limit the fast sugars and consume preferably slow sugars (and not too late in the day, banish the sugar at night!!! ), we will not forget to eat proteins (vegetable and animal) and of course, very important , We will gorge ourselves with vegetables, very riche  with fibers.

Warning, Because often the sport opens the appetite, so not to fatten, control your diet ! If you do, the effects will soon appear spectacular.