Hydration, the ultimate secret for a beautiful skin

We constantly tell you that hydration of skin face is the indispensable step of the beauty routines. You still do not know why? Discover the four good reasons to moisturize your skin every day.

Reason 1: for a soft and supple skin

To maintain a good quality of skin, there are no miracles: it must be hydrated. Like a large part of the body, the skin is full of water, which ensures suppleness, softness and rebound. To preserve its beauty and fight against the skin of crocodile, it is then ensured to hydrate well morning and evening with a moisturizer chosen according to its nature.

Reason 2: to have a glowing skin

You have all the time the dull complexion? You may not hydrate your skin enough! Because yes, hydrated skin is soft, smooth and inevitably brighter.

Reason 3: to prevent the signs of age

With age, the skin loses its suppleness . Each year, it loses 1% of its collagen, a sign that it is no longer able to retain water as well. Moisturizing your skin assiduously morning and evening becomes therefore paramount to slow the signs of age and prevent premature aging. By bringing daily hydration to it, the installation of wrinkles and fine lines of dehydration is avoided and delayed.

Reason 4: to protect your skin from external aggressions.

Pollution, cold, limestone water … these are all elements putting the skin of your face to a severe test. The most effective way to fight against these inconveniences is once again hydration. By forming a protective barrier, the moisturizing treatments make it possible to maintain the hydrolipidic film of the skin and thus to protect it against these external aggressions. Moisturized, the skin is stay protected all day.