Eating out !! It still can be healthy !

Eating out can still be part of a healthier lifestyle if you choose your meals carefully. Remember that many takeaway and restaurant meals can be loaded with hidden fat, salt or sugar and the portions are often far too big.

+A few tips to remember:

1- Choose restaurants, shebeens or takeaways that provide healthier options and not just deep-fried foods. Look out for menu items with the Heart Mark logo.
2- Beware of ‘eat as much as you like’offers as this often makes you eat too much and become overweight.
3- Choose salads and veggies on the side instead of chips.
4- Eat half of your meal and keep some for lunch the next day.
5- Rather pack your own lunch box to take to work or school. This is cheaper and will help you
avoid buying fast or street foods.

Here are some good ideas on how to make healthier choices when eating out or when buying fast food from the cafeteria, street vendor or tuck shop.

Fried foods

• Fried, battered, crumbed, deep-fried

Healthier cooked foods

• Grilled, baked, roasted, steamed, boiled

Big portions

• Large, giant, mega, super-sized, jumbo

Smaller portions

• Small, half, ladies, kiddies

• Order starter instead of main meal or share main meal

Greasy breakfasts

• Fried or scrambled egg, bacon, sausages, chips

• Omelette with meat and cheese fillings

• Pastries, croissants, white toast, chocolate or sweet muffins

Healthier breakfasts

• Poached or boiled egg with grilled tomato and mushrooms

• Omelette with veggie fillings

• Brown or wholewheat toast, muesli, fruit salad, low-fat or fat-free yoghurt

Fatty main meals

•Fried fish, calamari, fish cakes, chicken, schnitzels or ribs, fatty cuts of steak

• Large pizza with thick base, lots of cheese and meat toppings

Leaner main meals

• Grilled fish, chicken breasts or lean steak

• Small pizza with a thin base, half the cheese and more veggie toppings

Side dishes high in fat

• Fried chips, potato with sour cream, fried rice

Healthier side dishes

• Steamed veggies, salad, baked potato (plain or with cottage cheese), steamed rice

Cream-based sauces

• Sauces made with cream, butter, cheese

Lowerfat sauces without cream or butter

• Tomato-based sauce, chilli sauce. Order sauces on the side, so you can control how much you use

Salads loaded with fats

• Creamy dressings, mayonnaise or toppings like bacon, fried croutons, high-fat cheeses

Healthier salads

• Salads with a variety of fresh veggies, lowfat dressings on the side, used sparingly

Oily lunches

• Fried hamburgers with creamy sauces and chips

• Vetkoek, gatsbies or‘kotas’with processed meats (viennas, polonies, russians, boerewors, salami), pies, samoosas, chilli bites

Healthier lunches

• Grilled chicken or pure beef burger with a salad or chicken or veggie wrap

• Brown, seeded or wholewheat bread or pita with a lean filling (lean ham, beef or chicken, tuna, pilchards, low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese) and green salad