Do you really move and nothing melts? What to do to lose fat

Fitness classes, running, abdominal challenge … you are determined to sculpt your body and lose fat! Super, bravo even, because moving takes part of a balance of life highly praiseworthy. But there you are, you want to muscle like a damned, the results on your body are waiting. Maybe you do too much and … bad! Identify your mistakes and rectify them! 

This becomes very frustrating. You do everything to be in good shape: you decided to sculpt your body and declare war on the adipose stigma of winter. And yet you have to spend time at the gym , run, and test all Youtube tutorials, nothing really changes.
You could not see the results you had hoped for. Ok, we do not all have the chance to have a personal coach to follow us on a daily basis, but that does not mean that our efforts must be less rewarded.
we help you identify what you are doing wrong to get a convincing result.

Here are the 10 mistakes not to commit:

  1. Become a dingo of cardio

With the boom of workouts blossoming everywhere, the cardio rages.  Spinning, crossfit , running, cardio appears the only way to get a good shape, but is that real?

Effects: Yes, endless cardio routines help burning calories . But by overdoing it, we pushe the body to especially become … a perfect diesel engine and to adapt.

What to do: Diversify action. And more than cardio, it is also about muscle and working its flexibility . Think of doing a little muscles work and working in extension (cladding, TRX …) to stimulate your muscles and rebalance your body, and so working on your metabolism at the same time.

  1. Always the same movements

You know the movements that do not pose any difficulty to you, and then you have taken a taste for it. Abs by hundreds each morning, these endless joggings … for you, it’s the fingers in the nose ok we understood! But it is right to shake his fitness routine from time to time. Especially if you begin to feel the frustration rising in front of your mirror by noticing that your body no longer reacts.

The effects: almost the same as above, your body adapted. Besides, you went to what you were doing, so a way to opt for ease. If you do it with such ease, it is proof that your muscles need something else.

What to do : vary the sessions. Change course, change coach and above all … movements. There is a host of movements for each muscle group. To get a flat stomach ? It is necessary to diversify your abs routine, with movements that you muscle the great rights like the obliques, and not forgetting the deep abs.

  1. Count each calorie spent

You scan the calorie counter on the elliptical tone screen, confess! You checked on your smartphone, in your favorite app, how much you grilled? And you say wow, all you burned …

Effects: Do not lose yourself, a machine does not know what kind of food you eat, how intense you have been and how you spent it! This indication remains very very very approximate.

What to do : Everyone burns calories at a different rate. If you start making your energy expenditure an obsession, you will  take the wrong path. Focus on the quality of what you eat and the quality of your training, instead of focusing on intensification. Enjoy the endorphins that exercise on these machines releases!

4.Allow yourself a post-gym crack

You have worked hard and so you have the right to a giant Sunday with a Coca XXXXXL

Effects: The more you become active, the more appetite opens. But this is not a reason to slip a kilo of Oreos in the wake, otherwise you will ruin everything. And it would be a shame not to reward your efforts.

What to do : Are you hungry? This is normal, and it is not about starving after the gym. But please, continue your program by feeding your body properly. If you want to muscle, you have to understand that these are the proteins your body needs first, and also slow sugars. Afterwards you can let yourself go on the fresh fruits, raw vegetables, vegetables as much as you want as long as it is without mayo or cream obviously! After a session? A banana will be great !

5.Crunches, crunches and crunches

You only see this on social networks and coaching sites: to tone the abs, do crunches.

The effects: Once you chain yourself 250 crunches, you will soon die of boredom. In addition, crunches for girls are not ideal. The movement pulls on the pelvic floor, and would favor the weakness of the perineum …

What to do : Ask the gym coach to tell you about four different abs exercises, sometimes involving big rights, sometimes oblique ones. And do not forget to mobilize your deep abs (transverse), as in the physiotherapist or in the Pilates classes. This will allow you to get good back support.