9 Beauty Tricks from the Four Corners of the World

By following beauty recipes from around the world, we have everything it takes to beautify and prepare our bodies. Some allow us to get a glowing complexion and shiny hair in no time. In addition, taking inspiration from all the continents, it’s a bit like traveling from our bathroom. Henna  in the Maghreb and lawyer in Colombia, it is left for a tour of the world of the beauty in only 9 tricks.

Shea butter

Shea is a natural product from an African tree, Butyrospermum Parkii. The fruits it produces produces, a kind of nut in which there is a naturally fat white almond, give once transformed a yellowish paste: shea butter. This 4-in-1 product offers both body, hair, hands and face care. Rich in vitamins A, D, E, F, it has many restorative properties, softens the skin and hydrates it deep.

The lawyer: a beauty tip coming from Colombia

For dull hair, the lawyer is perfect. This super fruit is rich in proteins , vitamins , iron and amino acids. In addition, it contains a natural oil that works wonders with split ends! A mask is prepared by mixing the flesh of an avocado with an egg and two table spoons of extra virgin olive oil. Just spread on hair, masse to make penetrate and let it  rest for 30 minutes to maximize the effects. This is a beauty trick of the world inexpensive and really effective.

Henna for hair

Henna is a natural and effective alternative to colorations. It is a plant substance that can be used either to color or to treat hair. If the henna allows to give nice reflections, we can also buy it neutral (without color pigment) to bring brilliance and volume. Bonus, henna is excellent against dandruff and excess sebum. The hair with oily tendency can therefore use it as a care if you choose it well.

The Cameroonian Kaolin

Kaolin is a white clay with very absorbing power. In mask, it removes impurities and purifies dull skin. You can either buy it in powder form to compose its own recipe (carefully following the leaflet) or use masks already elaborated around this miracle ingredient.

Mexican jojoba oil

Calming and regenerating, this oil protects the skin from external aggressions and can be used as anti-wrinkle by mature skin. Nourishing, it protects against dehydration and makes it supple, and smooth. In addition, in case of breakdown, it is an excellent make-up remover .

The Tunisian rhassoul

Ideal for sensitive skin, rhassoul is a very soft clay that can be used instead of scrubs and hair masks . And yes, rhassoul has multiple properties. In peeling, it removes impurities and excess sebum smoothly. On the hair, it hydrates and strengthens the lengths. You can either mix it with water (simple) or create your own composition by mixing it with rose water or argan oil. It’s up to us to play!

A beauty trick from the Orient? Japanese rice powder

For matifying and purifying, nothing is like the powder of rice, In mask, it makes us a clean and velvety skin and is perfectly suitable for the sensitive and reactive skins. For an inexpensive softening mask, rice flour mixed with milk is used. In a few minutes, we find a baby skin.

Moroccan argan oil

This precious oil is perfect for strengthening the hair and softening the skin. Its nourishing qualities are no longer to be demonstrated. Rich in vitamin E, omega-6 and polyphenols, it is the ideal oil for epidermis and dry spikes. It is applied in massage on the body or in bath for the hair. A beauty trick of the world that takes only a few seconds to achieve.

Greek yogurt

The famous Greek yogurt is richer in vitamins and minerals than a classic yogurt. It is used to make an unctuous mask of beauty. The yogurt is simply spread on the face and left to act for about 10 minutes. Our skin becomes as gentle as that of a goddess.