7 beauty Tips to save your Skin after a party

Pale complexion, ringed eyes and bloated belly, the evening after, are generally not very cheerful. You danced all night, now you have to recover. To start the day with a bright face and regain human shape before the end of the weekend, quickly discover a few tricks to radiate quickly.

  1. Moisturize before sleeping

It is essential to drink regularly and in sufficient quantity to rehydrate you. Especially if you have drunk alcohol . Get two large glasses before bed, this will help you to recover and eliminate the toxins you have accumulated.

  1. Do not zap removing the make-up

This step is essential for your skin to breathe. If you are motivated, massage your face with a cleansing milk to pamper your epidermis that has been assaulted all evening. The most lazy will use a foaming gel for a nickel result in 2 min or micellar water which in addition to remove make-up, cleans the skin!

  1. Say yes to the night cream

Serum , night cream or day, no matter, the essential is to spread. If you have the strength you can massage to make it penetrate before going to bed.

  1. In the morning, purify your skin

A quick tour of the spa, that’s what you need. So inevitably, in these moments (and all the others also for that matter), we say “yes” to a brush cleansing face.