5 benefits of almonds you would not have imagined

Since the time we heard that almonds should be our best nutrition allies, we looked at this subject a little more carefully.  Just for you, discover five unsuspected benefits of almonds.

1-Almonds do not make you fat

Before you cracked for sweets, hyper sugared, hyper harmful for your health . Your pancreas was crying for help and you decided to take a turn.
Now you’re going to nibble on almonds.
Why ? Because a handful of almonds (23 to 25 whole almonds, with the skin) brings only 160 calories . And that’s not all, American scientists have discovered that the body ultimately absorbed only 129 calories from this handful of almonds. Indeed, the cells of the whole almonds encapsulate the lipids , thus inhibiting their absorption.
In summary: Taking 25 almonds per day is highly recommended.

2-Almonds provide plenty of protein

The proteins are essential to our body, they help to maintain muscle mass without fatten. But it is a question of not abusing it, all obviously a matter of balance.
Before, when you read “ proteins”, you visualized a good steak, a filet of fish or even a nice omelet . But proteins are also found in the vegetable world, and almonds are an excellent natural source of proteins.
In addition, proteins produce less toxic waste for the body. So we do not deprive ourselves and we vary the pleasures. More than that, we raise foot on the animal protein (without removing them) and we invite the almonds to the menu.

3-Almonds contain “magic” fats

Well almost !
In fact, almonds are particularly rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, these fatty acids favoring good cholesterol by lowering the bad cholesterol (the famous LDL).
Similarly, almond lipids help regulating blood glucose levels, and so the insulin that usually turns sugars into fat sees its harmful action hampered.
Yes, the fat of almonds is super good for health if we summarize the case!

4-Almonds, youth assets

OK, it helps to fight aging so, but concretely, what does that mean? This means that the almonds are full of antioxidants, vitamin E. And so, by consuming almonds regularly, your body suffers less the effects of age: more supple skin, healthy hair , a more dynamic body. And this replenishing strength of skin and hair is also enhanced by the proteins that almonds bring naturally.
Moreover, by eating whole almonds, the antioxidant effect is boosted by the combination of vitamin E and the excellent flavonoids that the skin of the almonds contains. A portion of almonds covers 60% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E.
Little extra: Zinc. The almonds contain a lot of it, an essential mineral for a healthy and armed skin to fight against oxidative stress.
Conclusion: eat almonds and you will age better and less quickly!

5-Almonds are friends of your intestines

Almonds contain super interesting micronutrients such as manganese or copper, but above all they are a very good source of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. They promote satiety and facilitate intestinal transit.

How to eat almonds?

You can consume them in many forms: powdered, pureed (paste without addition), for example, but the best way to consume the almonds remains the most natural possible: prefer whole almonds, with their skin. Chewing contributes to satiety, molecules remain intact, and can easily be carried away everywhere.