5 beauty tips (ultra-simple and natural) that will change your life

Stop it all! There are five beauty tips that are safe for our skin that have been pricked at mannequins, stars and pros, and that you must absolutely know. We will not repeat to you again and again the three golden rules of beauty (if? Well, just in case: hydrating inside and outside, sleeping well and smiling), you know them. Today, we strive to find equally vital and economical tips to preserve and optimize our beauty.

  1. Coconut oil for everything

Ultra-hydrating, coconut oil is the darling of stars. In addition to feeling good holidays, it is used all over the body. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and iron, it brings only good things!

How is it used? 
On the skin, it hydrates, soothes and fights against aging thanks to its high antioxidant content.
On the hair, a few drops at the lengths and ends during the styling, or in mask once a week before shampoo , it nourishes deeply while making them brighter and denser.
On the teeth, applied in mask for a few minutes, the coconut oil would have a whitening and anti-bacterial effect.
On the hands, it strengthens the nails and eliminates the cuticles with a small massage.
In the plate, nothing more healthy and delicious to replace butter or frying oil, for example.

Eating, hydrating from head to toe, whitening your teeth … Now there’s no excuse to flee to a deserted island…

  1. Head in the ice

It’s all stupid, but to correct the facial features on waking, nothing like ice. And it is Vanessa Paradis who says: «Ice cubes on the face, it is radical to smooth the skin and look good. It seems that Paul Newman was plunging his own into a bowl of ice cubes. It was rather successful, but it is frankly too cold for me … » she told Vogue magazine.
You will be able to tell your friend a little heavy that the idea of ​​the frozen water seal to the face on waking was not so bad!

  1. The vitamin, C super!

Did you know? Vitamins are great for fitness, but also for being beautiful. Our favorite? The vitamin C . Antioxidant ultra-powerful, it stimulates the production of collagen on the skin, protects from the damage caused by the UV and offers us a fresh and luminous complexion . We choose a morning serum containing at least 5% (or we add powdered vitamin C in its usual cream – you will thank us later, editor’s note ) and we put  lemon juice everywhere, in the Tea, water, salad, yogurts … Above all, it is rigorous because the effects are felt in the long term. Promised, it’s worth waiting!

  1. Second rinse

You are told, unless you live in Evian (no?), Tap water is really not a gift for our skin. The limestone it contains dries the skin and can cause loss of radiance, crumpled effect, tightness, redness and itching. Just that. If you are not ready to make a cross on tap water on your face, opt for a second rinse with mineral or thermal water before gently wiping with a clean, soft cloth or a tissue.

  1. Massage

To gain firmness and erase or prevent the marks of old age by stimulating the cirulation , there is a whole lot of facial massages totally miraculous. We opt for the simplest: apply our care in the best way possible to maximize their effectiveness. In the morning and in the evening, small circles are placed well positioned, gradually rising up to act against gravity.