4 keys to choose the right sunscreen

Cream or milk, index SPF30 or 50 … Not always easy to find the right product. We help you to see more clearly and to choose the one that will be the most adapted to the needs of your skin.


Depending on the type of skin

It all depends on your phototype. It defines your skin type, its sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation and therefore the protection it is advisable to use.
There are 6 different:

Phototype 1: hair red or blond, extremely clear skin, sometimes with freckles, and very sensitive to sunburn.
Phototype 2: blond hair , light skin that very little bronze and very sensitive to sunburn.
Phototype 3: blond or chestnut hair, clear skin to matte, frequent sunburns during the first exhibitions.
Phototype 4: Brown hair and dull skin , no sunburns and tanning is fast.
Phototype 5: brown hair, naturally dark skin, very fast tan, very rare sunburns.
Phototype 6: Black hair and skin, the skin does not burn.

The clearer your skin, the more delicate it is. Then choose a minimum protection rating SPF30. If your skin is more dull, the natural melanin level being higher, it resists better to the sun. You can then use a lower index. Nevertheless, be aware that you will still tan with SPF30 or 50 protection. It is therefore better to protect yourself whatever its prototype is . Virtually non-existent sunburns and tanning is fast

Depending on the texture

Milk, gel , oil, cream, mist … depend of choice, of course, and activities too. Whether you are sunbathing by the pool, picking a head in the sea or sweating on a desert trek, the texture is not to be overlooked. milk or cream, know that the effectiveness of the protection is identical according to the chosen index.

Products with a light and non-greasy texture, are highly appreciated.

According to the filters

To protect yourself, should you opt for a sunscreen with a mineral or chemical filter?

Mineral filters: present in organic creams, they act as a barrier by reflecting and dispersing UVA and UVB rays. Pleated for sensitive skin and children, mineral filters do not penetrate the skin and can leave a white and more sticky appearance.
Organic filters: they absorb UVA and UVB radiation instead of the skin and do not penetrate. It takes 20 to 30 minutes for them to act.

Organic, chemical or mineral, these filters are effective and protect against sun damage. It’s up to you to choose according to your preferences and your type of skin.

Depending on destination

Club with pool, boat cruise, tropical relaxation, hiking in the mountains … It is the level of reverberation that must be taken into account when choosing its solar product. In summer, for summer destinations, the reverberation is strong. Better choose an SPF30, SPF 50 or more depending on your skin type. Consider renewing the application every 2 hours, whether you are bathing or not.

If you stay in town or head for the countryside, a lower index of type SPF10 or SPF20 may be sufficient. Be careful though, if the sky is covered, the UVs cross the clouds. Do not skimp on protection to prevent sun damage .

For a pretty tanned complexion, Bet on the quality of your sunscreen. Above all, think about throwing away the last year’s opened  tube because the sunscreen products also have an expiration date.