10 tips for losing 5 kg (and not taking them back)

Lose 5 kilos, an objective that all kinds of diets have too often promised us. But after? When we lose that weight?  And that we gain weight again? The nutrition coach Maia Baudelaire explains everything that must be done and not done to say bye to 5 kg. Enough to regain hope, and make us want to eat!

  1. How much to lose in a Week to Stay Reasonable.

If you are not a great athlete, then it is estimated that losing 500 to 800 g / week is a reasonable goal. So, to lose 5 kg, count about 2 and a half months.
The pounds have taken a long time to settle down, take time to lose them so as not to fatigue the body and to accustom your metabolism to function on new bases.

  1. Why say stop to hardcore diets

The big problem with restrictive or hyperproteinized diets or repetitive monodietes (and those who want to slim down generally know the question well), it is the yoyo effect. The famous !
Why ? Because the body, drastically deprived of food, sees its basic metabolism slow down: its energy expenditure at rest decreases, the body saves to constitute reserves and compensate for lack. The weight loss becomes more difficult. To deprive oneself (but to deprive oneself really) constitutes a mistake not to commit for those who want to lose 5 kilos.

  1. It is imperative to move

It may seem obvious, yet, to move, to do a physical activity, to do sport , contributes greatly to the thinness. When practicing a regular sport, we boost the metabolism so that the body continues to burn calories even at rest.
So we must act on energy expenditure and on food.


  1. Eat better

It is not a matter of eating only salad and chicken breast to achieve your goals, it would be a terrible dietary mistake! No, to make your goal slimming, a lasting result, learn not to eat less (unless you’ve got used to stuffing yourself with bread spreads, chips before TV, mojitos after work …) but to eat better. Which is the real key. For example, identify foods high in fiber:



  1. Bet on food quality

And also learn to carefully select your food. Thus, it is better, at equivalent cost, to eat quality and seasonal vegetables, rather than meat at all meals. Similarly, trade your processed products and other prepared dishes, for organic, local, seasonal products. And especially healthy!
Chew on foods that have proven nutritional qualities: unrefined foods, whole grain products, fruits and vegetables, lean protein. And when you cook them, plan one or two additional portions to freeze.
And be wary of the glycemic index of foods:

  1. Give yourself the services of a nutrition coach

It is not always easy to identify what makes us good or not. And even simpler to recognize the good of the bad calories. A nutritionist coach , a health professional, guides you in your choice of foods with high nutritional value and high satiating power, in accordance with your tastes, your desires, your constraints, in short your lifestyle.
You are guided, and you learn to change your diet smoothly. So, little by little you give up your bad reflexes to feed you with the right energy, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in order to keep fishing and morale.
Finally the coach will motivate you, answer your questions and will be there in case of cracking. Ultra-precious support.

  1. Modify your body mass

Before thinking about decreasing your body mass, you have to think about changing it. This may seem strange, but be aware that if you do sports, you will gain muscle mass. It is here to aim at the fat mass of the small belly, the inside of the thighs.
The muscle consumes energy that is to say that even after sport, the muscle is still burning calories. So the equation is simple: by increasing your physical activity, you increase muscle mass, and you consume energy even at rest.

  1. Preferred sports

The “magic” combination ? A sport that combines cardio and bodybuilding.
Why ? Because cardio exercise makes the heart beat faster, and muscle exercise (or softening) strengthens your muscles as the name suggests. We go on swimming, running , fitness and even yoga.
And be careful, sports can save you weight; Because the muscles weigh is heavier than the fat. Refer to some of your favorite clothes: jeans will be more appealing than the pounds on your scale.

  1. Even Yoga Can Help You

Formerly confined to the retired or nostalgic of hippie travels in India, yoga has taken a serious blow of youth, and convinced every one of the benefits of his practice.
Today it is known that the practice of yoga contributes to the well-being of the body without the brusqueness, by working muscles with the help of breathing.
We also learn to manage our emotions, we acquire a better concentration and self-control.

  1. Do not sit too long

And especially if you work in an office, think about getting up and moving regularly. Ideal for those who really want to melt a little, being to anticipate some physical activity (30 min walk at least) every day. Otherwise, take a bike to a friend and watch TV every day while cycling!
The top of the top? Outdoor physical activity: light, fresh air, a feeling of well-being, all this added to the endorphins that the practice of a sport regularly provides will also help you to sleep better.