10 Strangest People You Won’t Believe Exist

From a human barbie doll to a girl in Michigan with a ridiculously long tongue, people come in all shapes and sizes.  It’s time for the weird and wonderful people of the world to shine!

1. The Human Barbie Doll


Valeria Lukyanova has spent years slowly transforming herself into the world’s first human Barbie.  Over the years she has had to undergo breast implants as well as follow a special diet and hit the gym daily.

Born in Moldova and now living in Moscow, Lukyanova claims not to have had any plastic surgery or body modification other than her boobs.

2. The World’s Biggest Hips


Mikel Ruffinelli has the distinction of having the world’s widest hips, measuring nearly 8 feet in circumference.

Despite weighing 420 pounds, Mikel’s waist measures only 40 inches wide. Baby got back!

3. The World’s Smallest Waist

smallest_hipsFrom the biggest hips to the smallest hips. Measuring just 16 inches around, Michele Koebke from Germany has the world’s tiniest hips.

But she wasn’t born this way. Michele has worn a corset every day for the last 3 years, even falling asleep in it.


4. The Human Daredevil

daredevilExtreme performance artist Eskil Rønningsbakken travels the world performing death-defying balancing acts at the precipice of some of the scariest places.

Eskil has done a handstand on a pile of chairs placed overhanging two cliffs that were 3,500 feet tall. He has also walked a tightrope suspended between two hot air balloons in mid flight.

5. The Soldier Who Hid for 29 Years

soldierThe story of Hiroo Onoda is a bizarre and strangely uplifting one. Onoda was an officer in the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II who was stationed at a remote jungle post on an island in the Phillipines. When the war ended apparently someone forgot to tell Onoda who remained at his post for 29 years and lived off the land to survive.

In 1974 Onoda was finally discovered by a student, but he refused to leave his post until he received an official order from the army.  Finally the Japanese government sent the officer’s brother and his former commander to formally relieve him of duty.


6. The World’s Most Unlikely Fashion Model


Melanie Gaydos was born with a condition called ectodermal dysplasia which makes her bones, nails and teeth grow abnormally.  On top of that she has alopecia which causes complete baldness and is partially blind.

Despite these seemingly insurmountable drawbacks, Melanie has somehow created a successful career for herself as a fashion model based in New York City and counts Miley Cyrus as a fan.


7. The Biggest Mouth


Francisco Domingo Joaquim from Angola has the world’s biggest mouth, that is measured at over 6.5 inches!

Talk about a big mouth!

8. The Real Incredible Hulk


Romario Dos Santos Alves, a 26 year old bodybuilder, has always admired the Incredible Hulk.  Not content to just lift weights, Romario turned to injecting a potentially lethal combination of oil, painkillers and alcohol to pump up his body to ridiculous proportions.

The father and husband used a synthetic filler called synthol that cost him his sanity and nearly led to one of his arms being amputated.

9. Tallest Teen


Meet Elisany da Cruz Silva who is 6 feet 8 inches tall and towers over most men.  Elisany is known as the world’s tallest teenager and has been dating Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho for more than three years.

Unfortunately, Francinaldo clocks in at just 5ft 4ins so there is Elisany has to bend way down for a kiss.

10. Longest Hair

tran-vay-hayTran Van Hay’s hair grew to more than 22 feet in length!  He first grew it out of superstition because when he had his first haircut as a boy, he got really sick. And so obviously the only logical course of action was to not cut it for the next 50 years.

In the span of those 50 years Tran washed his hair only a few times. Yuck.