10 Easy Tips To Eat Lighter

It’s not always easy to abide by the rules when the world of gluttony attracts us. So, in order to know how to eat healthy, we bring you some healthy tips for better dietary habits. losing weight, enjoying fitness , better life and good nutrition plan begin by applying these ten fitness tips on a daily basis; ten tricks for a better nutrition and to  better master his dietary program, loosing weight and having the right nutrition !!

  1. Everything starts at breakfast

The breakfast would give the mood of the day. In other words, if you eat hyper sweet to start the day, the chances are high that you got enough for all day. Then don’t hesitate: eggs, ham, cheese … the morning and the day will go well.

  1. Monitor the glycemic index of what you eat

You count the calories ? Remember that not all calories are the same. Indeed, a quantity of chocolate bar with caramel will be able to display the same number of calories as a plate of rice and yet … Favor the food with the low GI (glycemic index), because it’s more filling.

  1. Almonds

Everywhere one reads that it is better to eat on a handful of almonds than on Pepito. True, until then, of the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth! But be careful, because a handful is … little! There’s no question of engulfing you half a pack. The best is to associate your few almonds (a dozen to break everything) to a protein source like a natural skim yogurt or soy.

Get almonds it’s a real healthy food !!

  1. Here the good sugars

Impossible for you not to sweeten your coffee, you’re natural yogurts and your lemon juice? Rather than opt for white refined sugar, lighten the note with a stevia sweetener , or a qualitative sugar with interesting glycemic index like acacia honey or coconut flower sugar.sugar in one side and fitness , healthy nutrition , weight loss , and burning fats in the other side ares things can’t go all together !!!

  1. Cook!

All nutritionists and fitness lovers agree: the prepared dishes are full of additives, preservatives and ingredients of lesser quality. So to avoid added salt and sugar, eat your homemade dishes! When cooking a dish, plan one to two additional portions that you can freeze and take to work or eat later.By cooking you can control how much fat , sugar , carbohydrates and calories you want put in your daily nutrition diet .

  1. Abuse fresh vegetables

Cooked, raw, steamed, in the oven (not in gratin, neither the cheese nor the béchamel are vegetables!), the vegetables will reveal your best friends for burning fat and gaining a healthy and fit life. Both for the silhouette and health of your digestive system. With a fillet of olive oil, oneof the best fats in nature, a little light cream or a coulis of tomato, your vegetables would be real pleasure!!!!

  1. Drink water and herbal teas

Must we remind you that sodas, even light , are your enemies? They get used to sweet drinking, and bring nothing, absolutely nothing beneficial to the body. Watch out also with drinking alcohol , coffee (which dehydrates), even tea when it is abused. Try to get used to drink water, possibly herbal teas or lemon juice.If we have to choose one thing essential for weight loss , fitness , good nutrition and beauty it will be nothing but the water !

  1. No sugars in the evening

to lose weight and achieve fitness and detoxify sugar, which weighs heavily on our body, we tend not to eat sugars (whether slow or fast) at night. In the beginning, it’s difficult, but by force, we disinhibit and the silhouette clearly feels. So get the vegetables, raw vegetables, and we reschedule at noon the pasta, the potatoes…